Story of Redemption

Story of Redemption

Setting: Starbucks in Smyrna, TN. Early in the morning. Emily is behind the counter taking orders. Josh is waiting in line. 

What Josh remembers most about this moment is Emily's hair being in a pony tail and her cute glasses. What Emily remembers most is his handsome smile and her measly attempt at flirting by pretending to forget his name when she writes it on his cup.

Josh goes back multiple times with the plan to ask her out, but Emily was not there because she had transferred to another Starbucks in Nashville. At this time, unbeknownst to Josh & Emily, God is taking them both through periods of recovery from tough seasons in each of their lives and they are not ready to begin their journey just yet...

Skip ahead nine months. Josh has felt the urge to seek after Emily again by going to the Smyrna Starbucks again, but Emily still isn't there. Then, on a random Tuesday, her hairdresser in Murfreesboro, Jill, texts her and says, "Emily! I have a lady in my chair that says her son is looking for a girl named Emily that worked at Starbucks. I think it's you! Can I give her your number to give to him? This is so romantic!"

Emily wasn't sure how to respond...She had finally come to a place of contentment with being single...Was she ready to date? Jill quickly told her this is too perfect to say no! Sure, it could turn out to be nothing, but what if it turned out to be something special? What are the odds that nine months after briefly meeting at a Starbucks Josh's mom would be making simple conversation with her new hair dresser and that would be the key to Josh & Emily's next meeting? No odds involved. Just God's provision.

That Saturday they went on their first date. Less than 6 months later they got hitched.