The Vinewood Journey

The Vinewood Journey

Both raised by carpenters, we love creating & designing one-of-a-kind tables that will help make someone's home a place they love to be.

Here's a quick story of how it began.

Janurary 2012-After listening to a sermon about whole-heartedly going after what God has called you to do, Josh & Emily drove away from their church with the feeling that a new season was about to begin. Josh turned to Emily and said, "I think I am suppose to quit my job." A week later Josh put in his two weeks notice and they began planning Vinewood.

A month and a half later they took their creations to the Nashville Flea Market. They went into the weekend thinking that even if they didn't sell anything it would be good exposure. It was an incredible weekend of meeting people & getting great feedback! And not to mention-lots of sales! Josh & Emily went back to the Nashville Flea Market two more times before they were asked to be vendors at two stores and also started receiving custom order requests.

Back to 1st person☺️: We enjoyed several years of working with customers and designing custom pieces as our full time gig! But during a slow time we found ourselves asking God what does our next season look like. Through a series of events Josh got connected with Dow Smith Construction, an incredible Christ-centered commercial construction company. When they offered him a position we both felt peace that this was where he was suppose to be. 

Since then we have been doing Vinewood part time. We slimmed down to only doing tables because that is truly where our furniture passions lie(bringing people back around the table). As a result our wait time is longer than it use to be, but we assure you that it will be worth it. Please contact us about a table because we would be honored to build it for you! 

Email us or find us on Facebook if you would like to have a handcrafted piece in your home or business!